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Apple Hasn't Failed to Innovate

Recent stock losses have people feeling negative about Apple's future, but they're misunderstanding the real innovation of the iPhone.

People need to stop ripping on Apple for a recent lack of innovation. They've done all that they can without being overly-gimmicky, and they've done a wonderful job overall (except for introducing widespread smartphone addiction).

We need to take a few steps back and discuss what the true innovation of the iPhone was:

The invention of the smartphone was just a method of making a standard computer accessible to everyone. Apple was the first company to do it correctly with the experience of the iPhone.

Before the smartphone was invented, there were just PCs, Macs, and a few Linux machines. The only people who could use them to their full potential were some millennials and power users.

And guess what? Computers weren't cool back then.

Apple saw this gigantic gap in the personal computer market and decided to fill it with a using a new version of a device that everyone already carried in their pocket.

They rocked it, and they stretched the smartphone to its full potential in just over 10 short years. Everybody loves computers now, and there are more people interested in technology than ever.

The problem is that we're already at the point for smartphones that we were with PCs back in 2007. It's hard to come up with new features without being gimmicky.

When people say that Apple isn't innovative anymore, they actually mean that Apple isn't entertaining anymore.

Maybe we've reached the point where smartphones won't be as cool anymore. So be it. Everything's a fad. We'll find something else to entertain us.

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